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How To Use A Vertical Smoker (Full Guide)

While the interaction can be distinctive relying upon the kind of smoker you use, the means are generally the same. This part will give you a concise outline of how to use a vertical smoker.

  • Fire up the smoker
  • Fill the water pan with your fluid of decision
  • Place chamber on top of the firebox
  • Add your preferred wood for the smoky flavor
  • Preheat the smoker for about 10 or 15 minutes
  • Put the meat inside after preheating

The main thing that you need to do is fire up the smoker. On the off chance that you have a charcoal smoker, this means that you need to prepare the charcoal to be lit and started up.

The more charcoal that you use, the more sultry the smoker will get. As the coals start to get hot, fill the water pan with your fluid of decision guaranteeing that the pan is about 3/4ths full. Place the chamber on top of the firebox.

As the fire starts, this is the point at which you can add your preferred wood for the smoky flavor. Preheat the smoker for about 10 or 15 minutes before you put your meat inside. Once preheated, you can get your meat inside.

Your task isn’t finished once the meat is in the cooking chamber. You should check the water levels regularly to guarantee that there is a lot of fluid in there. You ought to also keep on checking to make sure there is still there is as yet a fire going.

Since it’s in an unexpected chamber in comparison to the meat, you can keep an eye on the water and fuel as required without affecting your meat. After your meat is smoked flawlessly, eliminate it and appreciate it. Make certain to clean the smoker while it’s warm for easier cleaning.

Part 1 How do you clean a vertical smoker?

How do you clean a vertical smoker

Earlier on we referenced the importance of cleaning your racks to eliminate buildup and grime. Thankfully clean-up is really easy. Soaking your racks in soapy water usually gets the job done.

Part 2 Vertical Smoker Water Pan Capacity

Vertical Smoker Water Pan CapacityOne of the disadvantages of pellet cookers is they can dry out the meat all the more rapidly. The answer to this is having a water container that will evaporate the water and help keep the meat damp and delicate. You want to search for a water container that has a larger capacity.

Recollect that the more regularly you have to make the way to replace the water, the more spikes and plunges you will have in the internal temperature. Ideally, you want a pellet cooker that can hold at least three liters of water.



We acknowledged above that it is hard to pick among the best vertical smokers on the market. Every item has various features that make it remarkable, and that makes certain ones preferable to others.


The cooking grate should be excellent. The material of the grates can affect the quality of your food and how it finally ends up. Generally, cooking grates are made of stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain.

Part 3 What makes vertical smokers special?

 What makes vertical smokers special

There is a ton of special about the vertical smoker. To name a couple, the smokers give a tasty flavor to your meat, are easy to use, work rapidly, and are too easy to clean as well. Quite possibly the main feature of vertical smokers is that they blow almost no smoke.

How To Use A Vertical Smoker – BBQ Advice At Bunnings

Grills and the Food

The midriff has flame broils on which you should put your food. Do whatever it takes not to allow the food to contact the sides of the smoker since it will absorb any earth that is appended to the sides. Likewise, you need the smoke and hot air to circumvent the food, so attempt to hold the food back from contacting the sides or different bits of food.

Vertical Smoker Heat Sources

Vertical water smokers use either power, charcoal, or gas as a wellspring of heat. Gas water smokers accommodate great temperature control and are easy to use. Gas smokers are also relatively portable since the fuel source can travel with them.

Electric smokers are also easy to use. Some don’t have temperature control… some do. And portability can be an issue. You should have an electrical outlet to use them. How to Use a Vertical Smoker.

Charcoal smokers take somewhat more exertion and information to use adequately. Maintaining a constant desired temperature can be an exertion. Anyway, they are usually more affordable to purchase, and are truly portable, with no gas tank or electrical outlet required.

Vertical Water Smokers

Vertical Water SmokerAttempt to keep your vertical water smoker clean and dry between uses. My initial one rusted out after two years because I left it outside and revealed it. I didn’t disassemble the segments to allow the inside to dry after each smoking meeting.

Get one with a temperature gauge, or install one yourself. It’s important to know the temperature of your smoker.

Some worked with dual-wall development. This adds to the smoker’s proficiency while keeping the outside cooler and safer.

Ease of use, portability, fuel decision, affordability, and effectiveness. These are the factors that become integral factors while picking a vertical water smoker. Purchase the best you can afford, and realize that the cheapest isn’t necessarily the most minimal quality.

Shop smartly at great stores, asking a ton of inquiries. Settle on the model you want, and at that point track down the most reduced cost on that model.

You usually get what you pay for. Search for great, strong development. Great quality welds, thicker metals, tight-fitting entryways with strong latches and pivots, stable and not shaky when set up… these are the outward indications of a decent smoker.

Stay away from dainty sheet metal development and messy workmanship if you can afford to. The cheap, lightweight smokers will warp, rust out, and fall apart rapidly.

Get a cheap vertical water smoker if it’s all you can afford. Take great care of it. Keep it dry and clean and coated with oil to forestall rust. Keep it out of the weather, and be delicate with it. Do these things and you ought to get a couple of good years out of a bargain-valued, inferior-quality smoker.

Heavier, thicker metals hold and retain heat better, giving you more stable, steady, and productive heating. The heavier development also holds up better after some time, giving you many more years of use.

Different Cooking Times

How long should the food stay in the smoker? Everything relies upon the sort of food and how all around done you like it. The USDA has a blog entry of many sorts of meats with the least temperatures, explanations of resting time, and how to use a thermometer.

On the off chance that you are utilizing your smoker accurately, you shouldn’t fear food contamination. While the facts confirm that ruined meat may make you wiped out, the smoker will murder off any bacteria through the all-encompassing openness to heat. The critical thing to remember, you will be fine as long as you get the meat out of the danger zone in less than four hours (the danger zone is 40 – 140 degrees). Be careful not to take the food out too early, and you ought to be safe.

As for cooking vegetables and organic products, you should analyze them a bit. Things like baked potatoes may take a long time, whereas buttered sweetcorn on the cob may take significantly less time.

Different Liquids

Make sure the water you add to the bowl is clean. Re-utilizing old water is an immense mistake. Juices from past meals inside the water won’t enhance the flavors of the following meal.

Adding organic product juice, similar to apple or pineapple, can a gentle sweet fruity taste to your food, however never add e-cigarette liquid into the water because it may make you viciously sick. Also, adding things like cannabis items will have zero impact on the taste of the meat and no impact on your mindset.

A few groups claim to utilize cheap wine will improve the flavor of food, yet the impact is very disappointing. Others argue that adding brew and juice enhances the taste, yet it involves personal inclination.

How to Pick the Right Vertical Smoker

If you don’t already claim one, we diagram the main features to consider so you pick the best one for your requirements.

Thick Material 

Consider the material used in the unit’s development. A vertical smoker made up of thick material won’t just last long yet will retain heat for more.


Free airflow is important during smoking to allow smoke to infuse equally into your food. Pick a smoker that has ventilation abilities.

Easy to Use 

You want a smoker that allows for easy access to all its parts. This decides that it is so easy to use. Regardless of whether you want to add fuel or meat, the two cycles ought to be without hassle.

Number of Racks 

The number of racks on the smoker will affect the amount of meat you can cook in one go. Vertical smokers can have between three to eight racks—with the latter being ideal on the off chance that you usually have large gatherings.


In addition to racks, a few models accompany snares. This way you can cook much more meat without a moment’s delay; basically, suspend any additional bits of meat.

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