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We cannot imagine our life without water. Our body is literally made of 70% of water. But as a resource, it is getting scarce gradually. The urban population, along with the village, are suffering from the insufficiency of freshwater every single day. To solve that problem, we have depended on underground water for a very long time.

To extract the underground water, different types of water pumps are used for both domestic and agricultural use. That’s why in urban areas, life is unimaginable without a domestic water pump. The goal of these pumps is to supply water for domestic purposes like drinking, cleaning, cooking, and bathing. For vast use in cities, only the best water pumps are used.

While on the other hand, very powerful water pumps are used to draw and supply water to irrigate agricultural lands. For your convenience, in this article, I will discuss the necessity of having a water pump, different types of water pump available in the market and finally the most important part, reviews of the best water pump for home use including a simple buying guide. For further queries, a sorted FAQ will be provided.

So, let’s not delay anymore, and I hope you will be with me till the final verdict.

Why do you need a water pump?

A water pump is an electric device for collecting water from underground. Or it can be used just for transportation of water from one place to another. Many of us are not familiar with this amazing technology and may not even know even if we are using it. Water pumps are so widespread, and they are continuously contributing to our daily life. Here’s why we are so dependent on water pumps:

Water for your home

Water pumps help us reach the water to our houses. The water has to flow through a complex system of pipes from the main supply. Surely, a pump is used to keep the water flowing and ensures that the water will reach your home whenever you need it. You use this water for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning.

Heating and hot water

You may be surprised to know that a huge portion of heating systems depend heavily on water pumps. Most of the radiators utilize these pumps to circulate hot water through the pipes of the device, allowing the desired temperature. Following this very process, hot water is also provided to your home taps. So you might have been using a water pump in your hot water system.


Irrigation devices and sprinklers need water pumps to reach water to your garden at the right amount and pressure. If you have a garden, you are probably using a water pump, not even knowing it.

Water pumps for your cars

Your car is also using a water pump to circulate coolant for the cooling system of the engine. This is very important for your car. The car engines produce too much heat, which may lead to malfunction and irreparable damage. To prevent this from happening, your vehicle is using a water pump that is working spontaneously.

Agricultural use

To irrigate your agricultural lands, water pumps are used to draw water from a lower level to a higher one and then distribute it through channels for dried-up lands. The water pumps for irrigation are usually more powerful than the domestic ones.

Best water pump Comparison




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VIVOSUN 9000 GPH Submersible Water Pump 

Super low noise 

Durable construction 

SHURflo Industrial Diaphragm Water Pump

Run dry operation works great 

It can prevent the backflow of water

SEAFLO 33- series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

Sturdy construction 

Easy to use and install

DC HOUSE 42-series upgrade Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump 

Runs quietly

Affordable price range 

Champion 66520 2-inch Gas-Powered Semi-Trash Water Transfer Pump

Sturdy and durable ergonomic design

Bur-Cam 506532SS ¾ HP Dual Application Jet Pump

Extremely portable

Very cost-effective

VIVOHOME ELECTRIC 220W 4500GPH Submersible Water Pump 

Energy efficient

Thoughtful design 

7 Best water pump reviews

Now that you know about the uses of water pumps let me introduce you to the best water pumps in the market.

1.VIVOSUN 9000 GPH Submersible Water Pump

VIVOSUN 9000GPH Submersible Water PumpIt can be very uncomfortable if your water pump makes noises while running. It can destroy your quiet and peaceful life. To avoid this unexpected situation, check out this best submersible water pump from VIVOSUN. VIVOSUN is a leading manufacturer of indoor horticulture equipment with a decade of experience.

VIVOSUN 9000 GPH Submersible Water Pump is an electric pump with solid construction. The shaft and drive ring pieces are made of heavy-duty silicon carbide material. Silicon carbide reduces attrition and increases its service life.

This submersible pump has an ultra-quiet operation design, unlike most of the pumps in the market. It produces only a 30-40dB level of sound which means it is as quiet as in the library or like a whisper.

It consumes a very small amount of power, like only 620W but gives high output. Moreover, this mighty beast can collect 9000 gallons of water every hour. And you can use it for a pond containing 1480 gallons of water. With this, you can easily pump water about six feet around your pond to your waterfall or garden.

It is very easy to install as it comes with an adjustable nozzle that allows you to operate the pump the way you need it. It has an extra-long 20.3FT power cord that lets your pump reach where you need it. The lift height can be up to 6.2 m. The good news is it can also be worked with a filter system.

This fixed flow rate pump can be used as both submersible and inline. You can use it for various purposes like fish tanks, waterfalls, ponds, irrigation, and hydroponic systems.

Key Features

620 Watt power

9000 GPH output

Four suction cups

Ultra-quiet technology

Silicon carbide material

What I liked 

Super low noise

Durable construction

Budget-friendly price

Extra-long power cord

Easily attachable to most surfaces

What I didn’t like 

It can be tough to install for inexperienced users.

Check Price on Amazon

2.SHURflo Industrial Diaphragm Water Pump

SHURflo Industrial Diaphragm Water PumpIf you want your pump to run dry without any damage, then you can completely rely on this industrial water pump from SHURflo. SHURflo has been upholding its premium quality, and it is a leading brand in supplying to the marine industries and RV.

It provides reliable performance with high flow applying moderate pressure. It can be set in any position with easy maintenance. It has a fixed flow rate of 3.3 GPM which means it can draw about 3.3 gallons every minute. It has an amazing feature of self-priming function up to 9 feet.

This water pump has a three-chambered diaphragm which includes Santoprene valves. With a 45 psi demand switch, it can prevent the backflow of the water, unlike other usual pumps. However, the on-demand features of this pump work great, allowing a spray or trigger nozzle to be used anywhere the hose reaches.

These pumps are made of chemically resistant materials, which makes them ultra-durable. It won’t last forever, but it can easily serve you 10 to 15 years. The versatile construction of it will allow you to use it for a variety of purposes, from agricultural use to the water supply for an RV.

Key Features

115V AC power

Built-in pressure switch

Santoprene valves and diaphragms

What I like 

Run dry operation works great

It can prevent the backflow of water

It can be used in multiple application

What I didn’t like

Run hot if used for a long time

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3.SEAFLO 33- series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

SEAFLO 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure PumpNo one likes it when you have water pressure troubles at home. Our third pick is best to resolve all your water pressure troubles due to many reasons. SEAFLO is a renowned brand from the UK that brings you a 33-series Industrial Water Pressure Pump with high-quality components and a great feature list.

It provides a fantastic performance with a three-chamber high volume design. It is driven by a heavy-duty motor that produces a fixed flow rate of 3.3 gallons per minute. It also offers a variety of filters along with easy connect fittings.

This water pump features an electrical cord that connects directly to any standard outlet. That’s why it is very easy and simple to install this small water pump. Also, it has the capability of self-priming up to six vertical feet, which makes it a cost to the performance leader undoubtedly.

The most significant advantage of this electric water pump is that it can run dry. As a result, it works best with pressure tanks. It is an excellent choice for homes running on a cistern.

However, thanks to its flexibility, you can use this 115 VAC pump in various applications or industries like a boat, RV, marine, janitorial, and so on. Also, you do not have to worry about the noise issue as it makes little noise or no sound at all.

Key Features

Viton valves

115 VAC Voltage

3.3 GPM flow capacity

Santoprene Diaphragm

Built-in adjustable and automatic pressure switch

What I liked 

Sturdy construction

Easy to use and install

Capable of dry run operation

No leakage from pressure switch

What I didn’t like 

It can emit heat after using for a longer period

Check Price on Amazon

4.DC HOUSE 42-series upgrade Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump

DC HOUSE 42-Series Upgrade Water Diaphragm Pressure PumpThe DC HOUSE 42-series is ergonomically designed as a sealed pure copper motor, and that’s why the pump requires a very low amount of power to operate. Despite the low consumption of power, it delivers high performance. This large four-chambered motor can achieve a high flow of up to 5 GPM, that is, 5 gallons per minute.

Retaining all the features from its predecessors, it increased in body length, strength, and larger water flow. It is designed to meet greater water demand. However, it has self-priming up to 9.8 vertical feet. The built-in pressure switch is adjustable from 40 PSI to 80 PSI. It also comes with an internal bypass switch to reduce circulation.

Due to its compact and flexible design, it is very easy to install. The inlet filter in it can be removed, making it easy to clean. If the water or liquid contains any impurities, you can install a filter, and you are good to go.

It comes with ½” hose adaptors to make it easy to connect to the inlet and outlet. However, this 12V DC pump has multiple applications, and you can use it in RV, garden sprinklers, yacht, caravan, and spray car wash.

Key Features

Max 16 Amps

12V DC electric diaphragm

5 GPM water flow capacity

Self-priming up to 9.8 vertical feet

What I liked

Runs quietly

Affordable price range

It has a self-priming feature

It can be used for multiple purposes

What I didn’t like

It has no dry run operation

Check Price on Amazon

5.Champion 66520 2-inch Gas-Powered Semi-Trash Water Transfer Pump

Champion 66520 2-Inch Gas-Powered Semi-Trash Water Transfer PumpThe perfect transfer pump you need for moving water quickly and efficiently is the Champion’s 66520 2-inch gas-powered pump. This is the best solution for you if you have solid impurities in your water. It has the capacity of transferring solid wastes up to the diameter of 9/16 of an inch.

This water transfer pump comes with a hose and a wheel kit. It has everything you need to start your water pumping. Whether you are removing water from the basement or draining flooded areas, refilling or draining water off your swimming pool, it is the best water pump for home use.

This gas water pump has a self-priming design that can hold the prime even if it’s not running. Although, for that, you need initial priming to operate. It comes with a reliable 196cc single-cylinder and OHV engine, which provides a lot of power to transfer water efficiently.

This water pump is portable and very lightweight. So you can transport this pump from one workplace to another effortlessly. And the foldaway handle of the pump makes it even easier.

This machine is so powerful that it has a maximum capacity of transferring 158 gallons of water every minute. It runs with either oil or gas. The shaft seals are made of silicon carbide, and no doubt it’s sturdy.

With a 2-inch inlet and outlet, this pump has a total of 98 feet head and a suction of 26 feet head. The durable and lightweight steel structure makes it appropriate to store the pump until you need it next time.

Key Features

Semi-trash capacity

Flow capacity 158 GPM

Complete hose and wheel kit

What I liked

Sturdy and durable ergonomic design

The capacity of semi- trash transfer works perfectly

The foldaway handle and never-flat tire makes it easy to transport

What I didn’t like 

Little costlier on price

Check Price on Amazon

6.Bur-Cam 506532SS ¾ HP Dual Application Jet Pump

Bur-Cam 506532SS ¾ HP dual application jet pumpIf you want a tankless pump that is highly cost-effective and consumes minimum power, then here is a fantastic water pumping device from Bur-cam. It has the dual function of a pressure booster system and a water well pump that can boost up the water pressure to a great extent.

This good pump is made of stainless steel so that it can prevent itself from rusting while used excessively. It has 0.75 horsepower and can also increase the water level. With a full-time capacitor and a maximum of 65 PSI pressure, it is capable of discharging 15 gallons of water every minute.

One exciting feature of these well pumps is it automatically shuts down in case there is a low-pressure region. However, it is used to supply fresh water to houses, cottages, and farms. It can be replaced from one place to another very easily.

This pump has been made brilliantly in a very compact design keeping every safety feature in mind. The operational switches are systemically displayed on the machine, which allows the users to use it comfortably.

However, this shallow well jet pump can be installed effortlessly with zero maintenance required. You don’t have to check on the internal parts regularly.

Key Features

Runs on electricity

Stainless steel body

Built-in cooling system

High Voltage pump of 115V

What I liked 

Extremely portable

Very cost-effective

Operates automatically without handling manually

What I didn’t like

Dismantling this product on your own can cause inconvenience

Check Price on Amazon

7.VIVOHOME ELECTRIC 220W 4500GPH Submersible Water Pump

VIVOHOME Electric 220W 4500GPH Submersible Water PumpOur last and final product is a submersible water pump from VIVOHOME. This electric water pump is a complete solution for distributing water to your waterfalls, fountains, swimming pool, and any indoor or outdoor projects.

This small water pump can be adjusted to five different positions to fit your unique setup. The multi-hose adapter and nozzle head valve allows it to connect to every hose size. A 20.3 feet pre-wired power cord makes it convenient to use.

The pump gained popularity for the premium materials used in it. It comes with a waterproof outer shell that is made of epoxy resin. The shaft and drive ring material has two options, ceramic material for short-term use and silicon carbide material for long-term use. Both of the materials are abrasion-resistant.

This high-performance motor has a magnetic drive technology that makes it simple to maintain and energy-efficient. In addition, it has an oil-free and quiet operation that keeps the noise level at 30-40 dB.

It comes with a thoughtful design. The pump is enclosed with a mesh shield that protects it from large debris reducing maintenance problems. It also includes a portable handle making it super easy to transport.

Key Features

6.2m power cord

Electric power source

Omni-directional function

Flow rate 15600 Liters Per Hour

What I like

Energy efficient

Thoughtful design

Consumes low energy

What I didn’t like

Long-term terrestrial use can damage the device

Check Price on Amazon

Types of water pump

There are mainly two types of water pumps. One is domestic pumps, and another is agricultural pumps. These two types are subdivided into many categories.

Domestic pumps are used for home uses. The only function of them is to supply water to our houses. This type is not that powerful due to low-intensity use. On the other hand, the agricultural water pumps are very strong and powerful because they extract water from deep underground. They are mainly used in the irrigation of lands.

Here I’m going to discuss domestic pump types and uses.

Centrifugal pumps

These pumps use centrifugal force to pump the water. An electric motor operates them. They can control a large amount of water flow and discharge at a high rate. Low viscosity liquids can transfer very easily through them. But as the viscosity rises, the consumption of energy also increases. However, these pumps have to be supported by foot valves, and the water should be vapor-free.

They are used to collect freshwater that is free of chemicals. They are best for supplying water to houses, sprinklers, filling swimming pools, emptying wells and tanks, draining shallow areas, etc. The centrifugal pumps usually have high efficiency.

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps remain completely submerged under the water and have a hidden motor. They are very efficient and are mostly used in wells. These pumps do not need priming after immersing in the water. They normally operate quietly and don’t require any cavitation.

These types of pumps consume less energy due to the water pressure. The engine usually remains cool, but the seal should never corrode. Submersible pumps are further divided into two categories- submersible pumps with tubes and submersible pumps with open wells.

Borewell compressor pumps

These pumps have been made to extract water from a depth of 600 feet. They draw up the water using air pressure, and the water is then supplied occasionally.

They do not need a foot valve. They are very durable and save a high amount of energy. They can further be divided into monoblock and belt-driven compressor pumps.

Pressure booster pumps

These hydrophore pumps are specially used to increase the water pressure that is supplied to the home. The pressure level may vary in different pumps. That’s why it is very important to choose the right one, other ways too much water pressure can damage the hydraulic system.

They are easily installed and ensure maximum comfort. The areas that have low-pressure regions use these pressure boost pumps to draw the water. However, they have to be stored in a place where they will not freeze. They are most suitable for residential properties.

Shallow well pumps

These pumps are mainly used in rural areas. They have a suction height of 8 meters which allows high performance. They can be easily installed and maintained.

Self-prime regenerative pumps

The self-priming pumps are designed to contain blades that rotate inside the pump and recirculate the water back to the impeller base. The self-priming function helps the pump remove air from the pipes. That’s why these pumps are ideal for use in pipelines. They do not have any additional foot valves for support.

How to choose the right submersible water pump?

After reading the reviews of the best submersible water pump for domestic use, you might be scratching your head about buying a submersible pump while searching the Amazon water pumps or at the hardware store.

There are some variables involved while choosing the perfect pump for your home. Here are some guidelines for you to help you buy the appropriate water pump.

Horsepower doesn’t matter

Most of you will think that you need to buy a pump with a certain horsepower. But trust me, this is simply a trap. The pump industries generally designate the pumps by both horsepower and a fixed flow rate. Their design point includes both the flow rate and amount of heads or pressure that the pump has to generate. When buying the right pump, it is more important to specify the flow rate and amount of pressure needed than the horsepower required by the motor.

Vertical suction

Vertical suction refers to the distance between the main source and the place from where the water has to be collected. If you set your pump at the top position, then the distance of water level from the pump position is called the vertical suction. This parameter must be checked against the suction head of the pump you are purchasing.

Vertical delivery head

 The vertical distance between the delivery tank and the pump is called the vertical delivery head. This distance or height has to be matched with the delivery head of the pump you are going to buy to ensure that it suits your application.

Flow rate

Flow rate generally indicates the effectiveness of a water pump. It refers to the time consumed by a water pump to lift a certain amount of water. It is mostly measured in gallons per minute or sometimes liters per minute. For domestic use, choose a pump that has a flow rate of 100-200 liters per minute. While for agricultural use, the pump has to pump over 2500 liters every minute.

The size of the inlet

Most of the water pumps have an inlet size of 1 to 6 inches. It can be more in some cases. Choose a pump with a bigger inlet size as it can pump more water in a short period.


Q) What HP well pump do I need?

Answer: At a 10 GPM flow rate, you will need 0.12 horsepower to lift water from a height of 50 meters. The horsepower depends on many variables like flow rate, vertical suction height, etc.

Q) How long does a well water pump last?

Answer: A heavy-duty and hardworking well pump can last a long time, from 10 to 15 years. But they don’t last forever.

Q) Can I use a bigger hose on the pump discharge?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Final Verdict 

Finally, we have come to the conclusion of the best water pump reviews. About 15 million water pumps are being used for a variety of purposes. The scarcity of freshwater is increasing the demand for water pumps day by day. There is a growing number of brands in the market.

So, when buying a water pump, it is very important to keep in mind all the factors and ensure the right product for your application. I highly expect that this article has been a great help for you. Don’t forget to share your new water pump experience with us!

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