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The 10 Best Propane Smoker in 2022 – Reviews and Guide

Bringing the perfect smokey flavor in your food is not gonna sweat you out at all, as you can now have the best propane smoker as your lifesaver. 

In fact, there are plenty of propane smoker grills available with different types and versatile features. You just have a lot of options to choose from. You may get mesmerized by the most popular masterbuilt propane smoker or go for the simple natural gas smoker with outstanding performance at a budget price. 

The choice is yours. But, while checking one smoker to another, which one to pick and which one to leave will be a tough decision to make. 

Here, I am listing up 10 of the best propane smokers with extraordinary features and top-notch quality. Also, I will share my secret technique of how to find the right propane smoker assuring the best quality at a worthy price. 

Best Propane Smoker Comparison




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Old Smokey Electric Smoker 

Easy to clean and maintain.
Convenient size and easily portable.


Cookshack Electric Smoker Oven 

Strong and durable build quality .
Hold the heat to the food properly.


Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Made of strong and sturdy material.
Convenient size with moderate capacity.


Portable Electric Smoker

Handy size, easily portable.
Easy to use and maintain.


PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical Lp Gas Smoker

Features three porcelain coated cooking racks.lightweight stainless steel burner.


Charcoal Offset Smoker

Affordable price.
Spacious cooking interior.Easy to use and assemble.


Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 

Features two cooking grates.
Come with a built-in thermometer.


Broil King 923614 Vertical Propane Smoker

Durable double-wall build quality.
Easy to use, assemble and maintain


Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

Sleek and elegant design.
Quick and easy to clean up.


Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

Durable build quality fully welded stainless steel cabinet.
Comes with adjustable.

Best 10  propane smoker reviews 

For the foodies who find the joy to see a plate of mouth-watering smoked salmon with grilled cheese or bbq vegetables but hate to pay the high price, having their own smoker is another name of happiness. 

Certainly, I am one of them. I always try to cook the favorite dish I like at the restaurant. Hence, I couldn’t help but purchase one smoke hollow propane smoker for myself. While I was surfing through the different types, I was struggling to pick one and ended up spending 48 hours on research. 

If you are also in the same situation as me, then this article is dedicated to you. Here I am not only reviewing only the top quality smokers but also presenting their strengths and drawbacks for your help. You can easily understand from the review which smoker will be suitable for your requirement.

1. Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Here is my first pick and its form Dyna-Glo. It’s a charcoal smoker that comes with a spacious cooking area and sturdy build quality.

Also, you can enjoy some advanced features that come along with it. For instance, to operate the smoker, you get an electronic push-button ignition. There is also a large control dial to manage the temperature as you need to cook different types of food. 

Nevertheless, for even and constant temperature to ensure satisfactory cooking performance, there is a 15,000 BTU cast iron burner. So, no matter the weather is windy, cold, or warm, it does not impact the cooking performance. Also, for safety, the smoker comes with a double door so that you can comfortably add water or wood chips during cooking time. 

Overall, it’s a perfect charcoal smoker that comes with all the necessary features you would ever desire. Would you like to give it a try? 

  • Heavy-duty 15000 BTU cast iron burner
  • Easy to use and requires low maintenance
  • Features electronic ignition with temperature control
  • spacious cooking space with adjustable cooking grates
  • Comes with porcelain-enameled large water bowl and wood chip box
  • The smoker box lid is not much useful

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2. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker   

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Propane SmokerAre you searching for a vertical propane smoker? Check out this one from Cuisinart. Its a great smoker that is very easy to use for fresher cooks. 

It also comes with a sturdy and specious cooking surface with convenient temperature control. There are multiple cooking racks that you can use for preparing different types of meals at a time. Additionally, to bring the authentic and proper smokey flavor, the vertical propane smoker will do its job perfectly. 

Nevertheless, you can use the smoker for small cut meats with multiple other items, or you can place one whole turkey. Because the removable racks will give you the options, you need for cooking. More importantly, you can control the temperature or smoke without needing to open the oven. 

Amazing, isn’t it? 

  • Easy to use, clean and safe to use in dishwasher
  • Removable steel shelves for cooking large size of meat
  • Can be placed at barbecue kitchen, patios or outdoor event
  • A spacious interior and vertical footprint suitable for different types of food
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer, adjustable gas supply and seal tight twist-lock door
  • The water and wood chip tray seem small to some users

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3. Portable Propane Smoker   

Portable Propane Smoker

Let me introduce to you one of the most popular Masterbuilt portable propane smokers. This unique looking smoker comes with a budget-friendly price. The portable little smoker will let you enjoy smokey or barbecued food at home or outdoor events. 

One of the most amazing features of this device is, it’s easy and quick to use. With just one push in the button, the burner will light up immediately. Also, you can control the temperature with the built-in gauge. 

Are you wondering about the capacity? Well, in this tiny smoker, you will get two racks. The racks are specious enough to cook 4 chickens or 1 turkey or ribs etc. What will certainly amaze you is the foldable legs of the smoker. Whether you are on the go or need a space to store, you can easily consider purchasing this smoker. 

Neither for storage nor transport, this smoker won’t give you trouble in any situation. 

  • Comes with built-in temperature gauge
  • portable and requires a small space to store
  • Sturdy two chrome coated two smoking racks
  • Features stainless steel burner with 5000 BTU
  • Quick ignition with push-button and adjustable regulator for temperature
  • Not recommended for amateur cooks .

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4. Smoke Hollow PS4415 Propane Smoker

Smoke Hollow PS4415 Propane Smoker

If you are in need of a hollow propane smoker, then this propane smoker is a must to look at. This smoker is from Smoke Hollow. As the brand suggests, the smoker is designed and built for professional cooks. 

Why? Because of the advanced features and build quality. This pro series smoker comes with two stainless steel burners. You can also remove them to cook a bigger size of meat if needed. And, for thorough cooking and ensuring smokey flavor, there are two chip trays. 

Besides, to give you trouble-free cooking experience, the water bowl and chip tray are built externally. So, you don’t have to open the door of the smoker. You can just load them externally. Nevertheless, this pro series smoker is also suitable for large gatherings, parties, or events. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy cooking with this smoker. 

  • 5 grid pro series propane smoker
  • features adjustable drag control and heat indicator
  • A sturdy and durable material used in cabinet and grates
  • Comes with two stainless steel burner and external chip trays
  • For versatile cooking combination and jerky style, grids are provided
  • Some users face issues about cooking performance during winte

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5. Smoke Hollow 38202G Propane Gas Smoker

Smoke Hollow 38202G Propane Gas Smoker

If you have watched professionals’ Masterbuilt propane smoker recipes, you already know how appealing the food looks. You surely wanna try them at your own kitchen and nothing but a Masterbuilt smoker will make the job easy for you. Here is the most popular propane gas smoker from this brand that many professional cooks suggest. 

The smoker comes with four cooking grates. They are built with good quality material and chrome plated. And, unlike most smokers, you will also get a sausage hanger. So, cooking becomes super convenient and organized due to this user-friendly adjustment. 

Besides, for adjusting the heat and keeping your food moist, the smoker comes with two doors. So, you don’t lose the temperature or hamper your cooking while inserting wood chips or feed water. You don’t need to open the top door to be specific. 

While you are cooking on this gas smoker, the full control is in your hand. Keep is low or high just as you need. Easy and convenient, isn’t it? 

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Spacious interior for large cut meat and other items
  • Propane Gas Smoker assures quick to heat up in any weather
  • Comes with large wood chip tray suitable for chips and pellets
  • Features push-button ignition and durable multiple adjustment level cooking grids
  • The door does not come with gaskets
  • The thermometer may not give the right reading over time

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6. Black Propane Smoker

Black Propane Smoker

Are you looking for the right smoker for slow cooking food? Then, check out this Masterbuilt natural gas smoker. One of the significant benefits of cooking on a gas smoker is, you get continuous gas supply and the gas supply is completely in your control. 

Also, this large smoker is specially built for outdoor events where you get to cook a large volume of food. Because, in a gas smoker, you can get the pure smokey flavor, which will stay long. Also, in this cooker, you can easily add wood chips or water if needed. 

One of the greatest aspects of this smoker is, it comes with 1300 square inches of interior space. And, the 15,400 BTU burner gives you satisfactory cooking performance. The combination of these two features makes it a wonderful smoker that will assure you to cook your food like professional chefs. 

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Large size powder coated smoking racks
  • Comes with built-in temperature gauge and porcelain flame disk bowl
  • Suitable for any kind of food to fry boil or steam Features 1300 sq. ft. cooking space with 15400 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Most users faced poor customer service for any assistance

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7. Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Who doesn’t love crunchy and soft smokey ribs? Not a single person on earth! And whoever doesn’t is surely missing something heavenly food out there. Can you imagine that now you can cook your favorite smokey ribs just as you prefer in this liquid propane gas smoker? 

Hell, yes! This Char-Broil smoker comes with a large smoking chamber and multiple racks locations. For adding water and wood chips, you will get a double drawer. So, no matter whether you are cooking pork belly, ribs, or turkey, you can leave them inside the smoker and cook without interruption. 

Also, to facilitate your cooking performance, the simple propane burner is all set to do the job. The amazing feature is; the burner comes with a self-temperature control. And, you can monitor the cooking chamber through a separate temperature gauge. Most importantly, you can do all the jobs from marination to cooking in this smoker as it also has a top grate for food preparation. 

  • Spacious cooking space with warming top rack
  • Features adjustable dampers for heat control
  • Comes with 3 smoking rack, water pan, and wood chips drawer
  • Safety ensured with cool-touch handles and lid-mounted temperature gauge
  • Poor customer service
  • Need a better performing thermostat

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8. Masterbuilt RA49214 20050716 Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt RA49214 20050716 Propane Smoker

Here is another propane smoker to choose from Masterbuilt. If you are not looking for any fancy smokers, then you can check this one out. The smoker is simple to operate and completely safe to use. 

To begin with, one of the simplistic functions and hassle-free cooking you can enjoy with this no monitoring and no adjusting temperature mechanism. All you need to do is, set the temperature once and let it cook till it’s done. Also, for your convenience, there are four racks available with this smoker. 

If you are a beginner cook, then this smoker is built with a safety shut off valve which you will need. So, with this specious cooking smoker for novice cooks, you can expertise your cooking skill with slow cooking or preparing a large volume of food. 

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Comes with safety valve shut off the burner
  • Features temperature sensor control and dual-door design
  • Thermostat-controlled temperature for no manual controlling
  • Comes with tank fuel level gauge for indicating the amount of propane in the tank
  • Some users are not satisfied with the design

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9. Camp Chef Smoke Vault

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 

This is a smoke vault, as you can see is from Champ Chef. You can certainly get your desired smokey flavor with this kitchen essential. One of the best aspects of this smoke vault is a simple and easy functionality. 

From ribs to turkey, vegetables to bread, fish or pies, anything you can cook in this smoker. This simple classic looking smoker allows you to cook versatile food comfortably with adjustable heat-control dials, damper valves, and door thermometer. 

Another feature that will amaze you is the strong build quality. Also, the water pan and chip tray will lock the flavor in the food without making them too dry. No matter if you are a novice cook because this amazing smoker comes with cooking tips, recipes, and unique ideas. 

So, it’s a compact smoker that comes with just the right features you need. 

  • Easy to use, maintain, and clean up.
  • Two adjustable and one jerky smoking racks
  • Made of heavy gauge steel with assured durability
  • Comes with a protected burner drum for utmost heat control
  • The design is not much appealing compared to other smokers

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10. Wide Body LP Gas Smoker   

Wide Body LP Gas Smoker

Lastly, my final smoker is a gas-operated smoker, which is from Dyna-Glo. This is a pretty lightweight smoker that you can use for outdoor events. Just like any good quality smoker, it comes with push-button ignition. 

Specifically, with the push button, the heat turns on immediately and gets ready for cooking. Not only that, but the dual cast iron burner also comes with 20,000 BTU. This is not really common in other smokers. So, you will have the most reliable cooking experience without a doubt. 

Whether it’s cold weather, snowy, or war, you can enjoy cooking all year round. And, for assured performance and keeping your cooked chicken super moist and tasty, the pre-installed door seals will help you retain heat at the same time, minimizing the loss of smoke. So, the food is properly cooked every time you use the smoker. 

  • Widebody smoker comes with 20,000 BTU burner
  • Cook with perfection with the smoke zone feature in temperature gauge
  • Features pre-installed door seals to retain heat and minimize smoke loss
  • Comes with height-adjustable cooking grates, large water bowl and wood chip box
  • Quality of some parts need to be more sturdy like a door handle or wood chip tray lid
  • Things to Consider Before Buying a Topside Creeper
  • Here are a few aspects you need to consider while you are searching for the best smoker for your kitchen. No matter if you need a smoker for indoor use or outdoor events, these features will help you identify the essential qualities for your need. So, to make the best investment of your money, consider each feature before purchase.

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Build quality 

Build quality is a very important point for a smoker. Most of the smokers come in cheap price due to the poor build quality. Hence, you need to check out the build quality not only inside or overall but also specific parts like a handle, door, cooking chamber, tray lid, and so on. 

Propane vs electric smoker

A lot of users are confused about which they should go. Well, comparing the propane with an electric smoker, each has its own good qualities. An  electric smoker is popular and widely used because it’s suitable to use at low temperatures. With a 275F electric smoker, you can slow cook ribs for hours. 

Whereas, a propane smoker depends on the gas. As long as there is gas supply, cooking is completely in your control. Also, you can get the actual smokey flavor in your food. Usually, the propane smoker comes with an indicator of how much gas is remaining. You can also cook at different temperatures for different types of food. 


Budget is an essential factor to assure the wisest investment of your money. If you are wondering how much budget you should keep for a smoker, then I would say you can find the best propane smoker under 300. Now, you may not be able to decide which one to go for between propane vs electric smoker; this budget will get you the best quality one from a renowned brand. 

Final Verdict

Here I end my review on the best propane smoker review. I have tried my best to highlight the key aspects, strengths, and drawbacks of each top rated smoker from renowned brands. Now, it’s time for you to purchase. 

Before you do so, I strongly recommend you to pay attention to the must-have features in your targeted smoker. Also, consider how frequently you are going to use, the number of guests you will cook for, and where you are going to place the smoker for cooking and so on. Always prefer lightweight and portable smokers for outdoor events, and on the other hand, choose a strong, durable quality smoker for at home on a regular basis. 

These considerations will lead you towards the right smoker, and you will enjoy cooking no matter; however, the weather condition is or where you are cooking. So, which one are you going to choose? 

Let us know your preference and enlighten us with your cooking experience in the comment section. 


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