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10 Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair |Use at Home

Are you looking for the best blow dryer for natural hair? Do you want to look fashionable and trendy with your hairstyle? Then you are at the right place at the right time. We respect your priority for the hairstyle. And understand the significance of choosing the right blow dryer because hairstyles enhance your facial features. It directly impacts your physical appearance. So there is no space to compromise when choosing a hair product like a blow dryer.

Haircare is undoubtedly a very important and hygienic routine for both men and women. Nobody wants to go out with dry, frizzy, and unhealthy hair. Haircare is a term for hygiene and cosmetology. It involves appropriate grooming and making sure you are using the right hair care products. That’s why, when you are buying a blow dryer, you must make sure that it is perfect for you.

But how can you choose a hair dryer that suits you the best? Well, first you have to get a proper idea about the blow dryers available in the market. Then you have to choose the best blow dryer for natural hair according to your budget and brand choice. Check our 10 best blow dryer reviews to choose the right one for you.

Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair  Comparison




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HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold One Step DryerHOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer

Ensures your safety.

It gives you a Salon Blowout in half of the time.

DevaCurl DevaDryer; Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser

Gently reduce frizz from hair.

Tested by the dermatologist .

KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Blow Dryer,

It has 2 speeds + 3 heat setting.

Advanced Nano Ionic Technology .

Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer

Its collapsible handle helps to carry it easily.

Its super-lightweight design .

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

It gives professional hairstyle at home.

The second thing I like about it.

shernbao High Velocity Professional

It can be used for quick styling .

It dries really faster than other hair dryers .

 Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Its ionic filter prevents lint buildup  .

This ionic hair dryer provides uniform heat.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Saves your time.

It helps to reduce hair damage.

Motor Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology

Anyone can use it with ease.

All the switches are placed well.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

You can use it several times a day.

It dries hair fast and helps reduce heat damag

What is Blow Dryer?

A blow dryer or hairdryer is an electromechanical device. It blows ambient or hot air over damp hair. It is used to speed the evaporation of water to dry the hair.

Blow dryers have better control over the shape and style of hair. It works by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds. These bonds are powerful, but they are temporary and extremely vulnerable to humidity. Blow drying helps to pre-mold your hair effectively. It takes the moisture out of hair, causing less frizz, and styles naturally.

When blow dryers were invented in the late 19th century, only a few people knew about them. But now, blow dryers are used in beauty salons by professional stylists and the household by consumers.

10 Best Blow Dryer Review

Here we have discussed the 10 best blow dryers with every single detail. Quickly check this list and tell us which one is made for you!

1. HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold One-Step Dryer

HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer

Do you want the best blow dryer for natural hair? Or, are you looking for the best blow dryer for curly hair? This excellent hair dryer can fulfill all your needs. This blow dryer is one of the fastest-drying hair dryers and works as a professional hairdryer. It can make your hair look smoother.

Its versatile oval blow dryer brush design is gently curved from the sides to create smooth hair. And the rounded edges help to volume from the roots down to perfectly curled ends.

This blow dryer can work as both a hairdryer and a straightener. So when you are looking for the best blow dryer, you can surely go for HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer.

Key Features

Has 3 Heat / 2 Speed Setting to style versatility

Faster drying and best-hooded hair dryer that provides professional salon results

This soft hood hair dryer meets U.S. safety requirements and features the ETL certification

  • Ensures your safety

  • It gives you a Salon Blowout in half of the time

  • No matter what your hair type is, this dryer works equally for each hair type

  • Provides neutral charge on the hair’s surface that protects your hair from being frizzy

  • The only thing I don’t like about it is, sometimes it makes a piercing sound on the high and cool setting

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2. DevaCurl DevaDryer Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser

DevaCurl DevaDryer; Ionic Hairdryer with DiffuserWhen you want to curl your hair smoothly and gently, DevaCurl DevaDryer Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser can be the best hair dryer for you. This hair dryer offers you a quick way to create waves and curl your hair.

It has ionic technology that helps to eliminate frizz, and static and makes your hair shinier and smoother. This technology also helps to dry your hair faster. Your curls will look beautifully defined and freeze-free due to the gentle drying of the DevaFuser and DevaDryer combination.

It is an Elt-certified hair blow dryer. The concentrator is ideal for straight precision styling. The diffuser focuses on airflow to help define the hair’s natural curls and waves. It can also work from the root of your hair because of its unique shape. You can trust this product as it provides the highest quality styling.

Key Features

360° airflows to surround curls

Features 16000 Watts with an ac motor

It features 3 temperature settings and a 2-speed setting

Patented ergonomic design to enhance natural curls and waves

  • Gently reduce frizz from hair

  • Tested by the dermatologist

  • It helps to create bouncy hair

  • It gives more shapes to your hair

  • Very professional and dependable

  • It is a totally non-irritating hair diffuser

  • Free of SLS/ SLES sulfates, silicones, and parabens

  • It sounds a bit louder

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3. KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Blow Dryer

KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Blow Dryer,If you have thick hair, it will always take time to dry. But with KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Blow Dryeryou can save time. This hair dryer can be considered the best blow dryer for thick hair. Its cool shot button will lock your style in place.

It dries hair with no dampness or dizziness. Its advanced Nano Ionic Technology helps you to style your hair perfectly without any hazards. The quality makes all the difference when it comes to speed, great hair, and durability.

This black hair dryer has a handle that fits comfortably in your paws. When you are searching for the best hair dryer under $100, KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Blow Dryer can be your first choice. Many customers reviewed it and considered it the best affordable hair dryer.

Key Features

It has 2 speeds + 3 heat setting

Advanced Nano Ionic Technology

It has a professional 1875w motor that leaves your hair silky and smooth

8.2-foot long cord, Alci safety plug, and removable air filter that makes it easy to use

  • It is a lightweight blow dryer

  • Its ergonomic handle allows for comfortable use

  • It’s the best hair dryer for fine hair because it leaves your hair shiny and flawless

  • People with thick hair can easily dry their hair as it has the fastest drying technology

  • Its diffuser snaps which make it a bit uncomfortable to hold

  • It does not provide dual voltage. So you cannot use it for overseas travel

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4. Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer

Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-DryerAre you a travel person? Do you want the best-hooded hair dryer for overseas traveling? Then Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer will work the best for you. This ultimate travel dryer delivers 100% of the performance of most full-sized dryers.

Its compact size will provide you with Drybar hair anywhere! It also has Direct ION Technology that helps to maintain a neutral charge on the surface of your hair.

The negative ion generator blows billions of negative ions into the hair. It removes the cuticle and reduces frizz while drying the hair. It leaves your hair looking shiny and conditioned. Its unique airflow design provides the best blow dryer for natural hair quick styling on any type of hair.

Key Features

Features a 7 ft (2.13 m) cord

1200 watt motor and 2 heat setting

It also includes a concentrator nozzle for targeted airflow

It operates at 120/ 200-240 volt for overseas travel and includes a beautiful logo travel bag

  • Its collapsible handle helps to carry it easily

  • Its super-lightweight design and collapsible handle allow for easy storage

  • It has a wave heater that allows for uniform heat distribution for faster drying

  • High-quality motor and ionic heat settings provide the perfect balance of heat and airflow

  • The motor sounds a bit louder when you turn it off

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5. NATION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair DryerDo you want the best-hooded hair dryer for your home? Then you can go for NATION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer without thinking twice. It’s a blow dryer with a comb that provides excellent styling and drying opportunities. Its clear ionic-coated air outlet grill is made with nanosilver, argan oil, and tourmaline.

It leaves the hair more smooth, healthy, shiny, and anti-static. This hair dryer comes with 3 attachments. They are – Diffuser, Comb, and Concentrator. Its three heat settings and two wind speed settings make hair flawless. It has a cool solution which is very easy to control the temperature.

It provides the perfect wind speed to make your favorite hairstyle at home. The powerful 1875 Watt Motor of NATION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer produces a strong airflow.  It also has double-protection circuit design.

Key Features

Features a USA 2a Pin ALCI safety plug

Two Air Speed and three heating settings

Features 5ft salon power cord with a hanging loop

Its huge diffuser attachment dries your hair 20% faster than other hair dryers

It has a removable concentrator attachment, and it provides safe operation with an IAlCI plug

  • It gives professional hairstyle at home

  • The second thing I like about it is, it produces less noise

  • It’s very comfortable to use, and you can carry it with ease

  • It does not spin on its own, so you have to turn the entire dryer

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6. shernbao High-Velocity Professional Dog Pet Grooming Hair Dryer Blower

shernbao High Velocity ProfessionalWhen you need a pet grooming hair dry, go with Shernbao High-Velocity Professional Hair Dryer. This dryer has amazing force compared to hand dryers. Most importantly, it improves the agency by over 60%. It saves your precious time, especially when grooming large dogs.

You can control the temperature very easily with its 2-step temperature settings. The unique temperature setting is 131°F, which makes the process faster. The stable air airflow also helps you to dry faster with less damage. Moreover, it has an adjustable speed facility.

The adjustable speed dial from 515FPM-64000FPM makes this dryer great for controlling noise levels. Especially when grooming sensitive dogs, Shernbao High-Velocity Professional Hair Dryer can be your best friend. Its perfect industrial design makes it very easy to operate. The small size is easy to carry and store at home.

Key Features

Copper interior motor function

Versatile design and multifunctional 

Has circular nozzle, diffused nozzle and, flattered nozzle

Its Accessory includes 3 different nozzles and air filters, 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose 

  • It can be used for quick styling

  • It dries really faster than other hair dryers

  • People like it for its durability and less noise facility

  • The voltage and current is only 110V / 15Amps

  • You can’t use it outside as it only works in general household power

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7. Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

 Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic ConditioningEveryone wants to get less frizz and smooth hair. Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning gives you this facility and more control with the Conair Watt power. This air Dryer has Ionic Technology that dries hair evenly and delivers your favorite hairstyle within a short time.

It includes a black barrel and a sparkly teal finish. Its tourmaline ceramic technology provides infrared heat. That helps to fight frizz. And it also brings out your hair’s natural shine.

Moreover, this ionic hair dryer makes your hair shiny and silky. It also has ceramic technology that provides uniform heat for less damage and fast drying. So don’t be late. Get the look of a professional salon style at home with the pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Technology!

Key Features

Infrared heat facility

It Has Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

Includes 3 heat and 2 step cold settings for all hair types and styles

  • Its ionic filter prevents lint buildup

  • This ionic hair dryer provides uniform heat for fast drying and less damage

  • The hair care line includes high-quality hairdryers, styling tools, and hair accessories

  • It is well known for its affordable price. It is the best cheap hair dryer with superior quality and functions

  • To get more volume, you need a converter because it does not work with 240Voltages

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8. REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air BrushIf you are looking for a Revlon hair dryer, for your natural hair, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer are for you. It’s used for gorgeous volume and a brilliant shine. It is a blow dryer brush that is designed as a Hot Air Brush to line a single step.

It has a unique It smooths your hair and gives a salon finish. The rounded edges quickly create volume at the root. You can use this one-step hair dryer for beautiful ends. Experts suggest this hair dryer because the brush is designed with Nylon Pin. This technique improves volume and control.

Its flexibility is guaranteed with 3 Heat/Speed Settings and a Cool Option. It is built to provide just the right amount of heat for your hair. Unlike other natural hair dryers, the volumizer of this hair dryer can be placed closer to the scalp.

Key Features

Power is 1100 Watts

Features the ETL Certification

It has three heat/Speed Settings

Designed for 120V USA outlets and Max Drying Power with 30% Less Frizz

  • Saves your time

  • It helps to reduce hair damage

  • You can easily clean the Volumizer

  • It styles, dries and volumizes your hair in one step

  • Its on-detachable oval brush design smooths the hair

  • You can’t use a Voltage Converter

  • The outrageousness is probably a bit sensational

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9. Motor Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology

Motor Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic TechnologyWhen it comes to professional hair dryers, Motor Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology is a perfect example. This dryer delivers powerful airflow for faster drying and longer dryer life. It can make your hair look amazing with Ionic technology. Moreover, it has versatile functions such as titanium Ceramic technology.

It provides infrared heat for faster drying and less hair damage. This blow dryer includes a diffuser for textured styles and a concentrator which makes smooth styles within a few minutes. Even it has a true cold shot button that locks in curls, waves, and styles.

It also has a removable lint filter, which allows for easy maintenance and longer motor life. Motor Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology combines speed, power, and design. It offers heavy-duty 2000-watt power and lightweight, ergonomic handling. For smooth, shiny-looking, frizz-free hair, choose this dryer without any hesitation.

Key Features

3 heat/2 speed settings

Removable filter that makes it more comfortable to use

It has Ionic technology, Ceramic technology, and a true cold shot button

It also includes a concentrator, and diffuser attachment and features an 1875-watt AC motor

  • Anyone can use it with ease

  • All the switches are placed well

  • The attachments fit nicely and tight, unlike other hairdryers on the market

  • It comes with a short cord

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10. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair DryerIf you are looking for an excellent combination of power, speed, and design, then this is the one! BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer is great for all hair types, including thick and coarse hair.

This blow dryer helps reveal shiny and healthy-looking hair. The One Step Unit is designed for 120V USA outlets. This Hair Dryer meets U.S. safety requirements, and it also proudly features the ETL Certification seal. As it is very lightweight and ergonomic, it is good for handling less hand fatigue.

Its Nano titanium ionic technology helps the hair to dry faster, with less frizz. The diameter of the air outlet provides more space for drying the hair. It is faster than other diffusers. Also, when The airflow blows out by following the internal air passage, it makes natural curls and waves of your hair. So you can go for this amazing hair dryer if you like the features.

Key Features

It has an ION generator

Boosted Ionic Technology

Multiple hair styling options

It includes a concentrator nozzle

It has 6 heat/speed settings and a cool shot button

  • You can use it several times a day

  • It dries hair fast and helps reduce heat damage

  • It gives incredible results faster than other dryers

  • This blow dryer is highly recommended for its simplicity and ease of use

  • Sometimes it creates weird noise after a few uses

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Types of hair dryer

Many of us don’t know about the types of hair dryers. But it is very important to know whether the material used in your hair dryer is suitable for your hair or not. There are various types of hair dryers made with different materials available in the market. Let’s look into the types of all hair dryers. There are four most commonly used types of hair dryers.

Ionic hair dryer

Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions. This breaks the water molecules and seals the cuticles so that the moisture in your hair gets locked.

These dryers dry the hair without removing the moisture and make the hair smooth and silky. They are also called the fastest-drying hair dryer as they can dry thick hair within a few minutes.

Ceramic or porcelain hair dryer

The heating material in the ceramic hair dryer is made of ceramic clay and porcelain. Unlike other metallic materials, ceramic material provides an even heat.

So that ceramic hair dryers do not damage your hair at all. These hair dryers are suitable for both styling and drying any type of hair. It makes your hair shinier, smoother, and silky. People who dry their hair daily can choose a ceramic hair dryer for better results.

Tourmaline hair dryer

The tourmaline mineral is crushed into little molecules and used inside the body parts of these hair dryers. Tourmaline hair dryers are safer because these dryers generate heat gently and equally so that the hair gets less damaged and is heat safe. Tourmaline hair dryers are the best for thick and frizzy hair.

Titanium hair dryer

Titanium hair dryers are another quick-styling hair dryer where the heating coil is made of titanium metal. These hair dryers are not safe for thin and small hairs because the heat temperature generated from these hair dryers may break the hair. Titanium hair dryers are considered the most lightweight hair dryers.

How to use a hair dryer?

Getting your hair to look as great as professionals can be difficult and frustrating. If you do not use the blow dryer properly, it can cause damage and make your hair look frizzy.

But all you need is some practice and the right tools to get your hair looking fabulous. Applying a few simple techniques will allow you to express your sense of style and help you to maintain the health of your hair. Follow the steps below to use a hair dryer properly-

  • First, separate your hair into manageable sections with hair clips to start blow drying.
  • Then you have to limit the heat to a medium setting. Or make sure you are not spending too long on certain sections.
  • Now, set the shape and direction you want your hair to go.
  • Now style your hair in the desired direction. Use the heat of the dryer and a brush. Or you can use your hands
  • If you want your hair to lay flattered, just use the hair dryer and aim downwards in that area. And if you want more volume, just aim your hair dryer in an upward direction, from root to top.
  • Now use the cool setting on the hair dryer and lock it in.

What Are the Must-Have Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Hair Dryer?

Before buying the best blow dryer for natural hair, you must consider a few things. Because choosing the best hair dryer is not always easy. There are some crucial facts to follow before buying a blow dryer.

Give priority to your hair type

Many of us make a common mistake. We often buy branded hair products without thinking about hair type. Well, hair is a very sensitive part and can get damaged easily. When you use blow dryers, you must be careful. Don’t purchase any product that doesn’t suit you. No matter what type of hair you have, there are always options for you.

Check the Durability of the Hair dryer

 As you buy hair dryers for regular use, you must ensure the product is durable. You must check the build quality of the hair dryer. And don’t buy any hair dryer that overheats. Because hair dryers that often get overheated do not last long. Overheating can also break your hair and cause damage. So always try to buy a long-lasting hair dryer that does not overheat.

Ensure the quality and brand

Remember, when you purchase high-quality items, you can save more money. Cause you will only need to pay a considerable amount one time. But on the other hand, if you buy cheap products, you will need to keep buying new ones. And low-quality hair dryers may cause damage to your hair. So I suggest you ensure the quality of the product and brand reputation.

Research the product reviews

Product reviews are an essential part of shopping. They help you to get a clear idea of the product before purchasing it. It will build your trust and typically describe why the products are apart from others. So always read the reviews before buying a hair dryer to make your mind clear. And then decide whether the hair dryer is worth purchasing or not.


Q) How much do professional hair dryers cost? 

Answer: There are a lot of hair dryer brands on the market. Each product has different features and functions. That is why the price always varies. You can buy hair dryers for under $100. But if you look for a professional hairdryer and want to get a salon result, then you have to spend more. A professional hairdryer can cost you between $100-$200.

Q) Will hair dryers damage hair?

Answer: No. Blow drying will not harm your hair. But applying heat to your hair when it is already dry can result in brittleness, breakage, and dullness. The secret behind safe blow-drying is good timing. If you maintain these rules, there is no risk of hair damage.

Q) What type of hair dryers are less damaging?

Answer: Some best blow dryer for natural hair have metal-based heating elements. That causes harm to your hair. Sometimes ruins the natural shine of hair. But the hair dryer with ionic and ceramic technology is less damaging. It also helps retain moisture and gives you a sleek and shiny finish. So always try to use this type of hair dryer.

Q) How long does a hair dryer last? 

Answer: Each hair dryer has a different lifespan. But on average, hair dryers on the market can last for 600 – 1000 hours of use. According to the statistics, a new hair dryer should be retired after about five years.

If you use a Hair Color best blow dryer for 20 minutes every day, it will last long.

Q) How to stop a hair dryer from overheating? 

Answer: Overheating can be the cause of hair damage and breakage. If you use your hair dryer for more than 20 minutes, it can automatically shut off. When this happens, you should unplug the device. Let it cool down, preferably in a cool environment, for 2-3 minutes. After that, you can use the dryer normally.

Final verdict

Taking care of hair is important, not only for our appearance but also for our overall hygiene. You can look your best with smooth and healthy hair. That is why it is important to visit a reputable salon or use quality hair care products at home. and purple shampoo on dry hair Full Review

We have got you all covered with the features, descriptions, pros, and cons of the 10 Best Blow Dryers. Now you know how to choose a hairdryer. So don’t waste your time. Go for your desired blow dryer right now!

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